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Are you Pregnant?
Wonderful waiting parents are ready and willing to adopt. Please call us if you are interested in choosing a family!


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Waiting Parents,
Would you like to begin the process of growing your family? Contact us now!


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Birth Moms:

Please Choose Adoption.
It's never too late to call...

Your baby's family is waiting for your....Call, Decision, Gift.


  • Nicole/Age 17 - "I'm just not ready to be a mom yet."
  • Tammy/Age 32 - "You saved my life! The family I chose was wonderful. I was disowned by family and friends and had no place to live and you found me a safe home. The adoptive mom was my birth coach. She even drove across 2 counties for 12 weeks every Monday to take the childbirth class with me."
  • Vera/Age 19 -"It was the most amazing feeling to walk into a room and know I was meeting my baby's family."
  • Annika/Age 23 -"It was hard to let go of my baby, but meeting the right family and seeing their joy, as well as knowing it was for Austin, was healing."
  • Yvonne/Age 16 -"I can't tell anyone I'm pregnant!"
  • Anne/Age 30 -"The look on the adoptive parents' faces when our son was born made the whole experience worth it. I've been through abortion, I've been through single parenting, and this was definitely the best decision."
  • Teri/Age 21 -"I was afraid that no couple would want my baby because of my tattoos."
  • Dana/Age 29 -" I know I'm doing the right thing."
  • Angela/Age 22 -"It's amazing how God can take something so bad and turn it into someone else's blessing."
  • Tara/Age 28 - "I thought I made a mistake and chose the wrong couple. I completely overreacted. You should see what an awesome mom she is to my baby. I know they love him."
  • Stacy/Age 32 - "What an awesome baby; and what an awesome family he got."

  • Lisa/Age 40 -- I'm so glad they are happy. He looks just like the family!


Precious Gift
Your baby's family is awaiting your precious gift!

Right Now...You have choices...ADOPTION, the Loving Option

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