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Waiting Parents,
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Happy Endings:

Here are a few testimonies from our loving new families:

  • Baby Blake's parents waited for him for what seemed like an eternity. His birth mom says she could not have chosen a more wonderful couple for Blake to have as parents. Blake's mom and dad spent about three months getting to know his birth mom. They went with her to her doctor appointments. Best of all, his adoptive mommy and daddy were present at his birth to welcome him.
  • Baby Joseph's adoptive parents needed the joy of a baby in their lives. One week before his birth, Joseph's adoptive grandmother passed away. Joseph's birth marked a joyous new beginning at the perfect time. He was greeted at his birth by his birth mother and father as well as the adoptive family they chose for him.

  • Baby Rylee's adoptive parents met her and her birth mom just hours after her birth. Lucky Rylee went home as a happy family the very same day.

  • Baby Joey's new mom said,
  • We both thought, "we will never get picked"... Well to our shock we were chosen! The lawyer actually said that we were her first choice!!! Well we met the birth mother and she was wonderful. We received a call to have a second meeting with her on Father's Day and to our great surprise she asked us if we would be the parents of her unborn child. With tears in our eyes we happily accepted. From that moment on, our life has completely changed.

    Joe and I had the privilege to join the birth mother in the delivery room. Just like the rest of our children, Joe was able to cut the umbilical cord. I, on the other hand, was the first person to ever feed Joey his first bottle and change his first diaper! The minute we saw Joey come into this world we fell in love with him! After two days in the hospital...never leaving his sight we were able to finally bring Joey home and he has been by our side from day one. We are so happy and blessed that God has sent him to us and will be forever grateful to God, but also the birth mother for choosing us to be his parents. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with her.


    Lisette and Joe's family

Please Choose Adoption!
Your baby's family is waiting for!

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