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Are you Pregnant?
Wonderful waiting parents are ready and willing to adopt. Please call us if you are interested in choosing a family!


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Waiting Parents,
Would you like to begin the process of growing your family? Contact us now!


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Waiting Parents:

Thoughts From Waiting Parents...

  • We have been married for 17 years and really want a baby to love.
  • We are hoping and praying and doing everything we can to adopt a baby since we have had so many miscarriages.
  • We want another child so badly. We have two sons that long for a brother or sister. Our family wants to love your baby.
  • We have two big brothers praying for a little sister. We are unable to get pregnant and are hoping that you will help us complete our family.

... Soon to be blessed with a BEACH BABY!!


Call the office ................... (805) 416-6007
Complete the packet
Write a letter to prospective Birth Parents
Create a photo collage of your family
Supply References
Complete a Home Study
Prepare your home for your baby
Meet with your birth mom and maybe birth dad
Ask her any and all questions you want to know
Agree to a contact plan if your birth mom would like contact


Testimonies: New Parent True Love Comments...

Upon birth mom noticing that her baby had all of her fingers and toes, adoptive dad said, "It wouldn't matter if she didn't."

To birth mom in the birthing room, new adoptive dad said while holding their new baby girl, "Thank you for making our family complete."

We couldn't be happier!

Adoptive dad, in a call to his mom to tell her the wonderful news of becoming a grandmother, was overheard saying, "Oh Mom, she looks just like me!"

"I love my family! Thank you, Birth Mommy for choosing them!"
-Baby Alex
Baby Elijah was recently adopted by a loving family.
Babes SwadledBig Brothers swaddled with Lil Sis - What a happy family!


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